09 Nov 2023

Walfinch Harrow And Brent Achieves Four Finalists in The Great British Care Awards London

Many people talk about personalised care, but Shilpi Verma and her team at Walfinch Harrow and Brent really live it. Now, no less than four members of the team have been chosen as finalists in the London Region of the Great British Care awards.


Team members chosen for their dedication to excellence in social care include:

  • Ansh Patel, Home Care Worker Award,
  • Vaibhavi Patel, Palliative/End of Life Care Award,
  • Rima Khullar, Putting People First Award, and
  • Shilpi Verma, a finalist in the Home Care Registered Manager Award. 

Shilpi, who is also the franchisee Managing Director of Walfinch Harrow and Brent, says: “This recognition testifies to their hard work and commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those we care for. We couldn't be prouder!”

How did the team achieve this? “The answer is listening to our clients, teamwork and co-ordination,” says Shilpi. Easy to say – but it requires great attention to detail.

“We have 28 clients and a team of 55, and we never take on a client unless we have a carer to serve them. We listen carefully to what clients want, draw up detailed, personalised care plans, and ensure our care extends to the family too,” Shilpi says.

A recent review from client Abdulfatah Elhamalawy reads: “What sets these carers apart is their genuine compassion and respect for my father as an individual. They treated him with the utmost dignity, always considering his preferences and desires. It was truly heartwarming to witness the bond they formed with him, making him feel valued and heard throughout his time in their care.”

Getting the best from the council

Shilpi is not afraid to challenge the local council so as to deliver better care. “If they want us to provide 45 minutes, and I feel that is not enough for person-centred and culturally appropriate care, I will challenge that,” she says.

“That means knowing the legislation, and how long it takes to meet the client's needs. Sometimes I even offer to take council officers to meet the client.”

Team care

Her philosophy of care includes team members. “We provide good training and back it up with monthly spot checks on carers and quarterly supervisions, to ensure the carers feel supported – and they appreciate this,” Shilpi says. There are wellbeing reviews, an employee assistance programme, and access to mental health support.

In a recent engagement survey, care team members frequently mentioned the supportive and friendly work environment, and the positive attitude of colleagues and management. Some specifically mentioned learning and gaining experience while working, highlighting the potential for personal and professional growth.

The team has a low turnover ratio, aided by a policy of internal promotion. The care manager started as a carer and two others have been promoted to field supervisors.

Shilpi adds: “We are looking forward to the next stage on the ward process, and highlighting our core Walfinch values - integrity, excellence, teamwork, and fun.”

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