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We are the Homecare Association

We are the professional association for organisations who supply care to people in their own homes.

The principles that we live by as an organisation are:

Arrow.png 1 Integrity

It is important to us to be honest, trusted, reliable, grounded and stable.

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It is important to us to adopt an intelligent and evidence-based approach to our work.

Arrow.png 1 Inclusivity

It is important to us that we are welcoming and engaging, treating everyone with respect, listening carefully and with empathy to achieve understanding.

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It is important to us to inspire and motivate all of us, being ambitious, creative, confident and courageous, and acting with conviction.

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It is important to us that we have a positive impact, leading and influencing our communities through skilful communication and development of relationships, to act.

With over two-thousand members in the UK, our success is dependant on the skill and motivation of our staff.

We're a friendly bunch and work exceptionally hard to support and champion our members and the wider homecare sector. If you're interested in helping us do this you can view any current vacancies below. Please note we are not currently looking for third party support with recruitment.

Our offices are based in Waterloo, just a couple of minutes from the station.

We're an equal opportunities employer, committed to ensuring that the talents and resources of all employees are utilised to the full. It is our objective that there shall be no discrimination towards applicants or employees for any reason of race or ethnic origin, creed, colour, religion, political affiliation, disability or impairments, marital status, parenthood, sexual gender, sexual orientation or offending background. More about us

Current vacancies

Learning and Development Specialist Learning and Development Specialist

Waterloo London  
£42k to £45k + benefits     

We require a Learning & Development Specialist to identify the learning and development needs for all levels of the workforce, including management, within the Association's member organisations to meet members' needs and agreed quality and financial targets. This may include the development and ongoing management of learning and development programmes across all relevant mediums.    

This role will also provide the focus for working with member organisations, and others within the sector, to generate and bring together innovative solutions and best practice for homecare providers and disseminating this to achieve maximum impact.    

In this way, the role will form a natural focal point within the Association for all workforce development related activities and will be responsible for co-ordinating the Association's representation with government workforce initiatives and relevant sector skills and training organisations. 

Responsibilities and Duties
  • To be the authority on all aspects of homecare workforce learning and development needs and how these needs are being met.
  • To track and identify new learning and development solutions as they emerge and how these are, and could be, deployed within the homecare sector.   
  • Design and implement learning and development services through all relevant mediums to support members in meeting their current and emerging learning and development needs. This may include elements of:
  • Signposting - where the need can be met most effectively through solutions already available in the market.
  • Engaging with 3rd party learning and development providers - where the solutions available in the market do not currently meet the specific needs of homecare providers effectively and the business does not have the internal expertise or resources to develop programmes to meet these needs. This role will be to identify and implement mechanisms for stimulating market provision (e.g., accreditation; template specifications etc).
  • Developing and implementing branded programmes - where the market does not currently fulfil the demand effectively and the business can fill this gap in provision at an acceptable rate of return. This could be through in-house delivery or working in partnership with 3rd party providers.  
  • To lead on all aspects of design, development, ongoing implementation and performance measurement for branded learning and development programmes across all relevant mediums (eg: face-to-face training; resource packs; e-learning etc). At an operational level this may include elements of:
  • Developing and co-ordinating effective demand generation; administration; operational delivery and customer service systems and resources.
  • Evaluating and reporting at an overall programme and component level (financial; member engagement; satisfaction etc). Using feedback to refine and improve individual components and the overall programme.
  • Delivering workshops, resources and other elements of the programme personally, where appropriate.
  • To work with members and other sector groups to encourage the identification and generation of innovative approaches to improving quality, effectiveness, and efficiency in homecare provision.
  • To disseminate and encourage adoption of best practice and new approaches to improving quality and efficiency.  
  • To consolidate the businesses representation with government workforce initiatives and relevant sector skills and training organisations. As part of this to bring together all output from this sector level engagement and disseminate appropriately to members and within the business.
  • To provide cover for the Compliance Manager for the Workforce Development Fund project during periods of absence.
Contacts and Relationships   


  • Policy, Practice & Innovation team  
  • Campaigns, Communication & Marketing team
  • Membership & Corporate Services team
  • Executive Support team
  • Senior Leadership team and Board


  • Homecare Association members
  • Learning and development providers (Speakers; training companies; e-learning developers etc)  
  • Venues
  • Partner organisations
  • NHS and government departments responsible for workforce development
  • Skills / training bodies.  
Knowledge, skills and experience
  • Working in a social care / health care / training organisation
  • Leading on the development and operational management of learning and development / training programmes across a range of mediums
  • Managing projects to meet financial revenue and cost targets.
  • Ability to deliver face-to-face training and / or speaking in public.
  • Thorough understanding of social care workforce learning and development requirements.
  • Degree or equivalent level or relevant clinical or social care qualifications.


To apply please email [email protected] or call on  0239 387 4319