About us

Let’s shape homecare together 

Arrow.png 1 Who we are
The Homecare Association is the UK’s membership body for homecare providers. Together we ensure that homecare is valued so that all of us can live well at home and flourish within our communities.
Arrow.png 1 Why we are here
We believe in a society where we are all able to live well at home and flourish within our communities. We won’t stop making sure the value of care at home is recognised and it receives the investment it deserves.
Arrow.png 1 What we do
We will use our trusted voice to help shape homecare. And, we will ensure our members have the hands-on support and practical tools they need.

Our principles

Our principles drive the values and culture we live by as an organisation.


It is important to us to be honest, trusted, reliable, grounded and stable


It is important to us to adopt an intelligent and evidence-based approach to our work. This includes intelligent use of resources, as well as researching, analysing, questioning and synthesising data, creating insights and information which offer value.


It is important to us that we are welcoming and engaging, treating everyone with respect, listening carefully and with empathy to achieve understanding.


It is important to us to inspire and motivate all of us, being ambitious, creative, confident and courageous, and acting with conviction.


It is important to us that we have a positive impact, leading and influencing our communities through skilful communication and development of relationships, to act.