17 Aug 2023

Homecare provider reunites teacher and pupil 70 years after they first met

Right at Home Ilkley, Keighley and Skipton organised a reunion for a local teacher and pupil who remembered each other well, 70 years after they first met.

David Gott, 76, from Cowling, attended Cowling School from 1952 to 1956. The retired builder was in the first ever class that Mary Clough, 90, ever taught in 1952.

The reunion was initiated by a Right at Home CareGiver, Heather Sutcliffe. Heather realised there may be a connection between the pupil and teacher when David mentioned he attended Cowling school, during a visit in which she was providing care for him.

Heather recognised the name as the school her mother taught at. Working out the dates, she soon discovered that her mum, Mary Clough was in fact his teacher! With both parties informed, Heather, with the support of Veronica Manolache (Registered Manager), was excited to arrange their reunion.

Mary and David remembered each other well. They both remembered the classroom as the school did not have enough room to facilitate all classes at the time, so Mary taught David’s class in an old storage room!

70 years after their first meeting, the pair were able to share old memories such as Maypole dancing, dancing to the piano and how David’s father used to be Mary’s chimney sweep. Mary even remembered that David was left-handed.

Both David and Mary found the meeting quite emotional. David said: “I’m so happy that Right at Home organised this for us. I remember being in Miss Townley’s class even though I was so young. It was great to meet up, I got quite emotional.”

Paresh Mistry, owner and Director of Right at Home Ilkley, Keighley and Skipton said: “I am so pleased we were able to facilitate this meeting for David allowing him to reconnect with his early years.  We always encourage our CareGivers to really get to know our Clients.  When we know our clients well, we are able to provide the highest standard of care and support.”

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