16 Dec 2022

A promotional blog from Cleva Card

With vacancy rates in homecare higher than they have ever been, (1) it’s evident that recruitment and retention of care workers is an increasing challenge. What’s more, the loss of EU staff following Brexit has added to this unprecedented shortage, which UK workers alone are unable to fill.

In-industry transition rates are also high, with 63% moving in-sector (2) to find the best suited role, benefits and culture - showing carers are not jumping ship but sticking with doing what they love. Yes, carers really do care.

Now more than ever, homecare providers are looking for ways to show how they are battling the care sector challenges, as they strive to capture and keep the best employees. It’s clear that shift work, low pay, and delivering care in complex situations can take its toll.  In addition, false allegations of theft that can sometimes arise can have a huge impact on staff and care providers alike.

To combat this, care businesses need to ensure they can stand tall against the competition and show that protecting and safeguarding their staff is key on their agenda.

One company tackling these issues with their card, app and management platform is Cleva, the fintech solution revolutionising the care industry.

Designed specifically for care providers, Cleva helps alleviate many of the day-to-day struggles associated with running a care business. Not only does it improve staff time-management, but as one Cleva card can seamlessly manage the shopping needs of multiple clients, carers no longer have to use cash. Adding to this, Cleva’s platform means that every single transaction is visible to managers and family members at all times, protecting staff at work by removing the risk of theft accusations.

Additionally, Cleva allows a homecare provider to add shopping as a client service, providing them with an additional revenue stream which is valuable for businesses often operating on tight margins. It also opens up the doors for greater diversity within the care industry, with shopping tasks able to be performed by less trained workers. This creates more jobs within the care industry and allows carers to focus on their core tasks.

One card, endless possibilities - how Cleva!

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  1. Vacancy rates fell during the start of the pandemic, potentially due to fewer jobs being available in the wider economy during this period. Since May 2021, vacancy rates have steadily risen since as the wider economy has opened back up. As of August 2021, vacancy rates are now back above their pre-pandemic levels.
  2. The staff turnover rate of directly employed staff working in the adult social care sector was 28.5% in 2020/21. This equates to approximately 410,000 people leaving their jobs over the course of the year. Most leavers don’t leave the sector. Around 63% of jobs were recruited from other roles within the sector.