Basic Social Media Course

This course will help you demystify and deconstruct the world of social media for your healthcare business, and give you all the tools you need to get started.
  • Social media marketing in the care sector - the basics
    • 1hr 15min course
    • £50 Members | £150 Non-Members

In this session, I'll guide you in integrating social media into your marketing efforts, emphasising its importance for all businesses within the healthcare sector. Together, we'll establish your social media presence, aligning objectives with your business goals and selecting initial platforms.

I'll introduce prominent channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, offering insights to steer clear of common pitfalls. By the end, you'll be motivated and equipped to craft and initiate a social strategy for your business.

What will I learn?
  • Why social media marketing for the care sector?
  • Why should social media be taken seriouslyfor businesses within the Care sector?
  • Which channels to use? And why?
  • Understand the basics of social media marketing (terminology)
  • A fundamental strategy to get your business up and running on socialmedia
  • How to get your business set up on Meta? Covering Facebook Profilesand Pages
  • Q&As
  • Quick intro to our Intermediate course
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Your teacher: Josh James-Lucy

With almost a decade of experience of marketing, Josh’s expertise has led him to becoming the UK’s number one healthcare social media specialist, whilst directing a rapidly growing social media agency, Social Media 92.

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Passionate about digital marketing and driving business growth through enhancing online presence and increasing brand awareness, Josh and his team have successfully designed and implemented effective digital marketing and social media campaigns across the care sector, whilst working with some of the UK's largest care organisations.

Social Media 92 are confident in building, cultivating and managing branded online communities across social media platforms. They are skilled in the healthcare sector after working with some of the UKs & USAs leading providers.


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